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World Art

A summary of what is happening around the world of art - just click on our selected links to get a quick overview of some international art trends.

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Cambridge University Press blocked access in China to more than 300 academic articles

The end of the biennial?

“The format of the ‘large international exhibition’ – the big, globally ubiquitous curated exhibition – may be starting to show signs of fatigue.”

Sculpture Projects Münster 2017: the essential things to see

Documenta 14 Opens in Kassel with Fiery, Combative Press Conference as Curators Pledge to Fight Neo-Fascism

Why the Rise of Workout Classes in Museums Should Worry Art Lovers

The Curators of documenta and the Venice Biennale Both Put Their Lovers in Their Shows. Should We Care?

Art of the state: how the Venice Biennale is tackling the refugee crisis

'Crapumenta!' - Anger in Athens as the blue lambs of Documenta hit town

Dana Schutz painting causes controversy at the Whitney Biennial

At the opening of Whitney Biennial 2017, a small protest gathered at Dana Schutz’s painting ‘Open Casket’, which reimagines the iconic photograph of a 14-year-old lynching victim. And over 25 black artists signed an open letter asking that the painting be removed from the Biennial for its co-opting of black pain. The Museum temporarily removed the painting from its wall two weeks later due to a water leak.

Guggenheim Canceled its Middle East Show in Shanghai

The Guggenheim Foundation's UBS MAP exhibition "But a Storm is Blowing from Paradise: Contemporary Art of the Middle East and North Africa," which was scheduled to open on 15 April 2017 at the Rockbund Museum in Shanghai, has been cancelled due to unspecified unforeseen circumstances, but sensitivities ran high in China after the turmoil of the Arab Spring uprisings.

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