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World Art

A summary of what is happening around the world of art - just click on our selected links to get a quick overview of some international art trends.

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What Will Art Look Like in 100 Years? 16 Contemporary Artists Predict the Future

Louise Bourgeois’s Powerful, Confessional Poems Will Now Be Published for the First Time

Magnum launches a free newspaper series to provide a new vehicle for exploring key issues in modern times

Art Critic Jerry Saltz Wins the Pulitzer Prize for Criticism

Saltz’s award-winning essays include “My Life As A Failed Artist”, “The 2017 Whitney Biennial Is the Most Politically Charged in Decades”, "Can Bad Art Be Made Good by Changing Political Times? The Case of Robert Longo’s All You Zombies: Truth Before God", “Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?’ Linda Nochlin Didn’t Just Ask the Un-Askable, She Forced the Art World to Give a Better Answer”, among others.

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