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A summary of what is happening around the world of art - just click on our selected links to get a quick overview of some international art trends.

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A retrospective of the artist’s works arranged chronologically, but in the opposite direction. The exhibition comprises twenty autobiographical projects which mixes personal life and artistic fiction.

Dan Graham: Beyond

Dan Graham’s first retrospective in the United States. The artist has always pointed out that beyond the art object, the medium and the gallery, his works move into the realm of the social, the democratic, and the architectural. On view at the Whitney from June 24 through October 11, 2009, the exhibition examines each stage of the artist’s career through conceptual art, site-specific sculpture, performance, video and film installation, and musical collaboration.

Claes Oldenburg: Sculpture, Drawings, and Happenings Films

An intimate glimpse into Oldenburg’s life and career, as well as his later collaborations with his wife. A recently rediscovered group of films documenting Oldenburg’s happenings has been restored and shown together for the first time.

2009 Guangzhou Photo Biennial - Sightings: Searching for the Truth


Venice Biennale opens on 7 June 2009

Entitled “Making Worlds”, the 53rd International Art Exhibition will open to the public from June 7th to November 22nd 2009 in the Giardini, the Arsenale and various other locations around Venice. The Director of the 53rd Exhibition, Daniel Birnbaum, has been Rector of the Staedelschule Frankfurt/Main and its Kunsthalle Portikus since 2001. “Taking 'worldmaking' as a starting point, it allows the exhibition to highlight the fundamental importance of certain key artists for the creativity of successive generations, just as much as exploring new spaces for art to unfold outside the institutional context and beyond the expectations of the art market” Birnbaum said.

Tate Papers Issue 11 is out now

Appearing twice a year, Tate Papers publishes scholarly articles with the aim to reflect new research into the many aspects of the museums’ collection and interests. The latest issue has a special focus on gallery education including the article entitled “The Artist as Educator: Examining Relationships between Art Practice and Pedagogy in the Gallery Context” by Emily Pringle. It explores artists’ constructions of art practice and their perceptions of how they engage with learners.

James Turrell’s “Second Wind”

James Turrell’s “Second Wind”

Second Wind” is a new site specific project by the artist James Turrell. He creates an illusion that the sky is just within our reach, blurring the dividing line between matter and emptiness. With the aim to act as a point of interaction between its social, cultural and territorial context, the NMAC Foundation is a non-profit organization opened to the public in 2001. It has already worked with over 40 international artists on site specific commissions since the very beginning.

Talk Show @ ICA

“Whenever you need, just ask.”
“And to make things work, the exact opposite is true.”
“We all need the same thing in common.”
“Now, you’ve got to understand that this is just one early stage in the life cycle of the industry.”

Talk Show addresses speech as a medium to produce meaning, both within the field of art and across other areas of life including religion, politics and entertainment. A wide range of resources will be presented on the ICA's website.

Fat Art@今日美術館

2009年4月17日至5月3日,北京今日美術館舉辦名為”Fat Art”的藝術展。命名為“Fat Art”,意指藝術在不斷吸收周圍的各種元素,表達更寬泛的概念。“目耳計劃(Music to My Eyes)”是2009年第一屆Fat Art藝術展的主題,是音樂人跟藝術家的一次合作。劉野、顏磊、徐若濤的作品,演繹成音樂作品;王波的漫畫,變成立體發聲作品,還有多項大型跨界戶外藝術活動,證明藝術與主流青年文化並非不可融合。

The Quick and the Dead @ Walker Art Center

“Throughout history, art has offered us ways of thinking about things beyond the here and now. We expect to see objects when we visit museums, and yet this show allows us to consider things beyond what we can see. It’s very much about all that is “more than meets the eye.” – Peter Eleey, the Curator. Bringing together 90 works by international artists in a wide range of media, the exhibition explores our desire for experiences that transcend those we have every day.

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