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World Art

A summary of what is happening around the world of art - just click on our selected links to get a quick overview of some international art trends.

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Chinese Galleries Forced to Relocate Ahead of Government-Sanctioned Demolitions

Devastating Venice floods threaten priceless art, historic buildings and city’s unique way of life

Venice Biennale Shuts Down in Wake of Record-Smashing Floods

After the Fall: 30 Years On, Germany’s Art World Reflects on the Night the Berlin Wall Fell

Berlin’s Cultural Institutions Unite to Fight Far-Right Nationalists in Germany

Mona Lisa like you've never seen her: Louvre to use VR for first time in Leonardo fifth centenary show

Looted colonial art: Germany to set up new contact office

More Than 100 Academics Have Signed a Letter Demanding That Germany Immediately Open Its Colonial-Era Collections to Researchers

Artist Adrian Piper Responds to Our Special ‘Women’s Place in the Art World’ Report

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