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when i draw, i think of…
Gerard HENRY
at 10:46am on 29th July 2009

"when i draw, i think of …" is the title of an exhibition of drawings by six local young artists born in the 1980s.

Recently I have noticed among young Hong Kong artists or fresh graduates of art is that there is a new interest in painting and drawing, which is different from the last 10 or 15 years when most young artists created video or installation works. I think it is a good trend, it allows them to face themselves with difficult media: facing a drawing sheet of paper or a canvas, you cannot hide your shortcomings. It forces you to work more, to deepen your research, to improve yourself and to grow as an artist, which is a long process. A bad installation can be saved by a clever discourse, a bad painting or drawing speaks for itself.

This exhibition features works by six young artists: Furze Chan, Casper Chan, Chunhei Kong, Sarah Lai, Pongyu Wai and Cam Wong. Some of their works are a bit naïve or awkward, but they show real talent.

Sarah Lai is a young painter who is noted for her wonderful paintings of cloud formations. Pongyu Wai is more lyric in the "dream" drawing of her mother, all done with very fine lines. Casper Chan's pencil self-portrait plays a hide and seek game behind her cell phone. I like Furze Chan's woodblock prints, a study of light and darkness on grass and flowers. Chunhei Kong has very precise and delicate brush strokes to represent rain. And Cam Wong's dark etching brings us inside an onion, which is like a symbol of the Hong Kong city. As the Hong Kong poet Yasi wrote in one of his poems: "you can peel it without being able to find its real nature".

Exhibition: when i draw, i think of…
Date: 10.7 – 22.8.2009
Venue: Gallery EXIT, G/F, 1 Shin Hing Street, Central, Hong Kong
Enquiries: 852 2541 1299

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