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Spring Appetite
Sui Fong YIM
at 2:30am on 28th July 2020


One of the invited contributors for the 2020 AICAHK website is Hong Kong artist Yim Sui Fong. She explains her contribution, Spring Appetite, a musical composition:

This song is a record of our baby's feeding during the first month after her birth. I have calculated her feeding by applying the numbered musical notation (do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti) in two ways:

1/ Feeding with a bottle (either pumped milk or milk powder) is measured by volume. 5ml is a sharp, marked as #

2/ Breastfeeding, which is measured in time only. There are only 6 periods of time.

I have mapped these intense feeding times and have traced the baby's feeding cycle (but obviously, everyday is a new pattern) in this song. Also, I realised that singing all my complaints accompanied with the baby''s musical toys brought great satisfaction for me as a Mum, even if my improvised lyrics were out of tune! This song marks my confinement during February 2020 and is dedicated to our daughter, Tung Yik Chi.

To hear the song, please click here:



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