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Electron Landscape - Lam Yau-sum
at 10:21pm on 9th June 2011

(原文以英文發表,評論《電子風景 - 林佑森作品展》。)

Art and design schools mount their graduation exhibitions at this time of year and are a source for budding artistic talent to be spotted. White Tube is the small exhibition space run by the Hong Kong Art School and Lam Yau-sum’s Electron Landscape shows the results of his recent studies.

Using the bright colours of enamel paint carefully painted on discarded electronic circuit boards, Lam presents a strong series of paintings that warrant careful viewing. The fine lines of each circuit board is a template, but the resulting permutations of lined choices results in a range of odd looking creatures: fish predominate, but camels, dragons and other mythical creatures appear.

Experimenting with other material, Lam also displays an installation of his fish creatures in a fish aquarium – the result however, is weak as the message is too obvious. Better is a large painting of a ‘foo’ dog on canvas – his painting ability still needs to be tested as the subjects he has chosen to paint are not very challenging.

The depiction of a single creature in each painting rather than building a more complex subject idea between the paintings is restrictive, but these paintings have a surreal Max Ernst air to them that bodes well for a young artist that has already been exhibited in a Hong Kong dealer gallery.

Exhibition: Electron Landscape - LAM Yau Sum Solo Exhibition
Date: 28.5.2011 – 26.6.2011
Venue: White Tube, 10/F, Hong Kong Arts Centre

A version of this review was published in the South China Morning Post on 5 June 2011.

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