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- Gender in Art

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The Parallax of Generations and Genders: Women in Art, the Hong Kong Case
Phoebe WONG
at 5:44pm on 25th July 2019


Ho Sin Tung, Tomorrow you will wear a ponytail for me, 2015, video installation, 13 mins. Courtesy of the artist.

This article is written by Eliza Gluckman and Phoebe Wong as part of the New Hall Art Collection Asia Art Initiative, “Women in Art: Hong Kong,” a research project commissioned in collaboration with the Asia Art Archive, Hong Kong, in 2017.

Originally published in Yishu: Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art, Jul/Aug 2018: 6-24。原文以英文發表,題為〈世代與性別之視差:香港女性藝術家〉。

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