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- Creativity in Umbrella Movement

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Arts under the Umbrella 藝述
Oscar Hing-kay HO
at 0:00am on 20th October 2015

A Video on the Art of the Umbrella Movement (Please click the image above to view the video)

The Umbrella Movement has triggered an unprecedented outburst of creative expression inside and outside of the occupied zones, providing Hong Kong a new definition of political/community arts. The most impressive ones were not the artworks by professional artists, who were normally too self-conscious in making ‘art’, but the street art that came from the ordinary folks, whose primal forms of creative expression ranging from dance, music and image making, to body painting, performance and ritual. Collectively they made the occupied zones dazzlingly spectacular. Focusing on four pieces of works created during the 79 days of occupation, I made a short video to show the power and beauty of these works, to summarize the noble causes and spirit behind the Movement.

Text: Oscar Ho
Voice and production: Ingrid Ho
Translation: Oscar Ho, Felix Lo, Ingrid Ho
Year: 2015
Length: 3’4”

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